Segment is the infrastructure for your customer data

Collect data once with Segment. Integrate a best-in-class marketing and analytics stack.


Simplify data collection with one API

Collect clickstream data from your mobile apps, websites, and servers with one API. Use turnkey integrations to pull in contextual data from cloud apps like your CRM and payment systems.

Trust your data

Never miss a data point. Our libraries and infrastructure queue, batch, retry, dedupe, and archive messages, so you can be confident your data is correct.

Learn how we approach infrastructure


Integrate 200+ tools with the flip of a switch

Say goodbye to tedious integrations. Once your data is flowing to Segment, you can easily turn on new tools for advertising, email, push notifications, analytics, webhooks, and more.

Build a single view of the customer

Answer any question about your customers without engineering ETL pipelines. Segment will transform and load multiple data sources into your warehouse for you.

Learn about our integrations for warehouses

Data Management

Standardize data across your business

Test your implementation, weed out bad data, and set granular rules for where data flows with tools for debugging and data governance.
Test your tracking

debugger (1)

Explore the raw data you’re tracking in our live Debugger. Search for the call you’re testing to verify the data matches your expectations.

Manage your data

schema (1)

View a list of every trait, event, and page call you’ve ever tracked in your Schema. Filter data from particular Destinations, and ensure only up-to-spec events pass through.

Take your data with you


With Segment, you can easily switch or add new tools. Use Replay to backfill historical data and get up and running in days instead of months.


Personalize every customer interaction

Build Audiences like “High Value Users” and Computed Traits like “Average Order Size.” Sync these cohorts to your marketing tools to personalize your campaigns.

Resolve user identities

Merge user interactions across different channels into one profile, whether they browsed on the web, bought on mobile, or opened an email.

Security and privacy built in

We take the responsibility of managing your data seriously and have built Segment with security and privacy as a top priority.



Your data is encrypted over the Internet and at rest.



The platform processes 115B API calls across 2.9B users every month.



Segment never shares or sells customer data.



You can manage user permissions and enforce Single Sign-on.


GDPR Ready

Segment will erase data when your users exercise rights outlined by GDPR.